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Updated: Jul 10, 2021

At Signpost Media, we have a very small but mighty team who work together to create stunning, professional websites which are easy to navigate, functional and not only help our clients to improve their online presence but to increase their lead generation and sales.

We are looking forward to what 2021 has to offer following a hectic few months last year - that's right, the lockdown forced many businesses who had never considered having a website before to move their services and products to the online marketplace. It also inspired closet entrepenuers to finally take the leap of faith and start that new Business that they'd only been dreaming about until now. This meant that Signpost Media were inundated with new enquiries; people contacted us to design new websites from scratch, to re-design websites that were outdated, to rebrand their company and to add online shops to existing websites.

So before we make the huge leap and dive head first into piles of work this year, we thought we'd give you all a quick reminder about who Signpost Media are, and what we have to offer your Business in 2021.


Austen is our Web Development and Business Consultant. He has been involved in the Leisure Industry for over 25 years, mainly working in Operations, Regional Management and Project Management.

Austen has worked for some of the top industry suppliers as Sales Director, as well as bringing new products to the UK market so he is in tune with how larger corporations work, from planning to budgets and Marketing Campaigns. So, when we have a query for assistance with a new Business launch or we win a large re-branding project, we pull out the big guns - that's him! Austen is usually to be found helping our current clients with ongoing web development issues and online Marketing campaigns. In addition to this, he has been expanding the Signpost Media technical offering by developing new software applications. The first development was a Web Application called Social Referral Online which has been used in Health Clubs across the globe. The next development is even more exciting and is in the pipeline - watch this space!

Austen is also Signpost Media's resident NLP Practitioner and life coach (comes in handy if we're having a bad day!) and has achieved the Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification.



Nicole is the writer of the team and is a firm believer in the benefits of a strong black coffee!

With almost 20 years experience within the Marketing, Leisure and Business sectors, Nicole has both the experience and foresight to subjectively view your Business from every angle. Nicole prefers to use the term 'vision' instead of 'design brief', and our customers agree her creativity always delivers an outcome that betters their expectations.

Holding a Google Certificate in Digital Marketing, Nicole offers advice on the best ways to reach the right customers for your Business, whilst retaining your identity and of course, getting a healthy return on investment.

Nicole enjoys seeing her clients succeed, and empowering them to understand the vast world of the internet and what it has to offer - and she can't help but have a bit of banter along the way!



Our Graphic Design partner Adam is every inch the creative, and he has a fantastic moustache to back it up too!

With more than 13 years experience Adam Jenkins’ passion for design is clear for all to see. He’s as hungry as ever in keeping up with, and setting new trends. Adam also has a particular love and skill for hand crafted styles with a minimalist touch, which has put him in high favour with our clients.

Recently moving to Brighton, a city that matches his style in terms of culture, design and creative thinking, Adam is still available to help clients wherever they are based in the UK via Zoom meetings.



From restaurants to weddings, animals to jewellery; as our in house Business photographer partner, Verity has that creative eye that can make your product look as valuable as it truly is!

Following a career in Leisure, travel, TV and radio spanning almost 20 years, Verity has experienced a view of the world that many of us are yet to see, and we truly believe this helps when it comes to adding her personal style and perspective to our client's images.

Verity's friendly personality and forward thinking approach means the perfect images will be captured for your Business every time.

When we design your new website, a key element is to ensure you have high quality images that reflect the professionalism of your brand to your customers. Verity will not only ensure that your images are top quality and suitable for us to use within your design, but she will also make sure you and your staff feel completely relaxed throughout the process. Which is why we love working with her!


Do you have a Business in need of a new website? Or maybe a refresh with some professional images? Do you need a Graphic Designer to create a stand out brand for your Business? Whatever your design needs, contact Signpost Media first to see how we can help you -

We look forward to meeting new clients in 2021 - we wish you a successful online journey in the meantime!


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