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Website Design Checklist - Signpost Media Web Design Agency

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So you're thinking about a new website for you or your business and you want to get a local website designer to create it for you? Before you rush to find a local web designer it may be worth preparing a Website Design Checklist so you don't find yourself saying "I don't know" to every question you get asked.

Any designer, whether they design your website or the interior of your house, will need a design brief from you, as the client. You wouldn't expect a decorator to paint the interior of your whole house without giving them any idea on what colours you like would you? So, don't expect a web designer to design your website without any help or guidance from you as the client.

Below is a list of things to consider researching and preparing before speaking to whoever you choose to help you design your new website.

1. Branding - Quite often the website designer may not be a graphic designer or a specialist in branding. So be prepared for them to ask you if you've already created a logo and any brand assets when you speak to them. They may have someone like we do that does this job, so they may be able to offer it as part of the service. Just don't confuse them as the same job. Branding is very important, and this should be done before you start creating the website as the Logo & Brand Assets will drive the look of the site. If you've chosen specific colours and fonts already then these should be implemented throughout.

2. Design - It's helpful to have looked at other designs that you like so you can give the web designer an idea on what style you like. Remember, there isn't much that hasn't been done already, so as clever as you think you're being there is probably a site that looks fairly like what you end up creating somewhere. There is no point finding 3 sites that all look completely different and saying you like them all, that suggests you may like anything, but doesn't narrow things down much. If you do find 3 different sites you like, then point out which aspects you like with each one and which parts you don't. If you asked someone to buy a car for you, you probably wouldn't say "I like a 4x4, but a small one, with a large engine and great MPG".

3. Content - Are you providing them with all the images and written content? Once again, a web designer isn't a content writer necessarily. So, you'll either need to provide the content or ask a content writer to help with this. You know your product or service much better than we do. If you're on a budget, then the more you can provide the more cost effective the website will be when you get the final invoice. Some people think they can provide the content later, but without content, it's difficult to start creating the website as that would involve leaving empty spaces without knowing how much written content you're going to receive. If you get more or less, then the web designer will have to adjust the site accordingly. Once again this can cost you money for these changes.

If you're looking to create a new website, then hopefully these three things above will help you. If you need any advice on web design, social media, seo and just general digital marketing for your business, then please feel free to contact us.

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