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6 tips to get your Business Admin sorted

I'm sure there are many of us who would like to say that we are organised - but maybe we have to try really hard to be, as it isn't a natural skill! But when it comes to our Businesses, we must be prepared to 'eat the frog' as one of my old Managers once said to me in a training session - something about getting the things you hate doing, done first..?

At Signpost Media, we are sometimes tasked with completing Business Admin for our clients, which we do for those clients who are on our monthly support plans. With all of the madness that goes hand in hand with being a Small Business Owner, it really does help you to feel less pressured when you get your house in order, so to speak.

Business Admin can mean different things for different Business Owners, but we have compiled a list of the top 6 business admin tasks we have been asked to carry out for clients so far in 2022, or that we have had to do ourselves here at Signpost Media.

1) Have any staff left recently? Then it's time to change all software login passwords, delete or create forwards for email addresses, change building security codes - oh and don't forget to update the info on your website's team page, so people don't keep trying to contact 'Sally in Accounts'...

2) Does your Business now offer new products or services? Or do you need to remove old ones? Update your website, Social Media and Google My Business profile, as well as other listings such as Bing etc.

3) Have you changed your contact details? As well as updating all of the areas in point 2, don't forget to inform your regular printing company of your business cards/leaflets/banners.

4) Emails - have a clear out! Some of you may not realise that you have limited storage space (like Google's 15gb limit on personal accounts), meaning your emails will simply stop working once the account is full. The other benefit of having a clear out is to help yourself be more organised and less likely to miss important queries or news - like the Signpost Media monthly newsletter!

5) Check your Business bank accounts every 6 months - is there a service or subscription you're still paying for that you no longer need? Or even something that you don't remember signing up for that has started automatically taking payments? You could be spending that money on a bespoke advertising campaign on social media instead! Which reminds me, I need to check what's still coming out of my own account for the old Director...!

6) Check your website for old news - have you got a pop up box stating you are closed for Christmas and NYE? Or maybe you've still got a website banner up saying "25% off everything this Black Friday" for instance? Not only is it slightly embarrassing for the world to see that you're not organised, but it will really, REALLY bug those customers who are searching the website trying to find that 25% off discount code!

Now you have a list to work from - and who doesn't love a list? - you can set aside some time to get your house (read business) in order. You're welcome!

If you need help with your website feel free to get in touch with Signpost Media on 01733 590929 or at


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