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Signpost Media Website Monthly Support Plans

Updated: Jan 31

At Signpost Media we had recently noticed that more and more Business Owners were contacting us asking for ongoing support with the Digital side of their Business; whether that be managing their ecommerce store, understanding SEO or keeping up with the ever changing GDPR rules - especially GDPR changes after Brexit.

So, we decided to add a new service to our offering - the Digital Media Monthly Support Plan.

Why call it a plan and not a package?

Because a package suggests something is 'fixed' and we're all about flexibility. You won't find the words 'bronze', 'silver' or 'platinum' package anywhere on our website - because we know that every Business is different and every Business Owner has different strengths, priorities and individual needs.


Some of our clients have joined the Monthly Support Plan based on the fact that they were new to the world of ecommerce and online marketing, others simply because they did not have the time to maintain their website themselves. For instance, some of our clients, although classed as 'Small Business Owners' are managing upto 5 Businesses at once - all whilst taking care of their young family too!

When choosing our Monthly Support Plan, the 'support' can include whatever you need, and the price is simply based on the time it takes for us to complete that set of tasks every month.

For instance; a new client may need us to redesign their exisiting website, write a blog for them every month, make ad hoc updates such as changes to Covid 19 policies or opening hours, and manage the SEO and GDPR on their website.

Another client may want all of the above, as well as a monthly newsletter that gets sent out as a branded e-shot to their database, management of a Google My Business Profile, regular updates on their website's performance and the creation of infographics for their Social Media accounts.

Some clients may wish for us to do nothing other than upload a new menu every month, and keep an eye on their GDPR and SEO. Whatever your needs, we will make recommendations as to the best way to carry them out, whether that be the Web Design team at Signpost Media fulfilling the obligation or whether we train you or a member of your team on how to manage this yourself; we will ensure you understand the process and are happy with it before moving forwards.


We're a friendly bunch who prefer to have a chat over a coffee (or cocktail!) Whatever your preference, our Monthly Support Plan clients are our top priority, so you know we'll always be just a phone call, email or message away from you when you need us.

Once we have discussed with you what kind of digital support you require, and how much of that you may want to take care of yourself, the next step is to fill out a direct debit link that we send to you via email for the agreed amount, and we will then proceed to work together to build and grow your online empire - and your knowledge!

Feel free to CONTACT US on 01733 590929 to have a quick chat about whether our Monthly Support Plan option is right for you and your Business.

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