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SEO - get Google's attention!

SEO - or Search Engine Optimisation - is a vital part of any background website operation, but for many business owners these three letters may mean nothing at all.

Signpost Media web design agency in Norfolk - specialising in SEO advice and ecommerce for small businesses

Just 3 years ago, businesses across the UK were suffering under the strain of the lock down due to the Pandemic. Empty restaurants, working from home with the kids distracting you, considering starting a delivery service to continue to bring in some income to the household. However, some business owners used this time to focus on how they could improve their business ready for when things were back to normal and customers were once more flooding through the doors. At Signpost Media, we helped our customers with building new websites, re-branding and also digital marketing campaigns, to ensure that their Business remained top of mind when customers were ready to start buying from them again.


An essential part of our customer's Marketing plans - and yours - should be to research what people are typing when they are searching for the types of services or products that your Business provides. The big search engines like Google and Bing, really value those websites that they believe can help their customers most - yes that's right, your customers are also their customers! And they use high tech software to help them rank those Businesses in terms of expertise. Your website content is a key feature in this, as Google will use its bots to trawl your site for expert facts and opinions, and if your site has the correct content and wording to prove this, Google rewards you by nudging further up the 'charts - or in our world, the search results page.

Signpost Media web design agency in Norfolk - specialising in SEO advice and ecommerce for small businesses

So you can see why it's important to optimise your website for search engines; re-order those words and you have Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short! Signpost Media often help business owners who know what they want to say, but are not sure of the best way to write it to keep the search engine giants happy and improve their rankings. Signpost Media can help with re-writing website content, blogs, and even magazine articles or a press release to ensure that the wording is eye catching, engaging, persuasive and most importantly, that your website is search engine friendly!


Feel free to contact us to get a free SEO consultation, and see if Signpost Media could help you drive more traffic, and ultimately more customers, to your website with effective SEO driven content.


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