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  • Do I even need a Website?
    We haven't come across a business yet that doesn't have a requirement for a Website, though that doesn't mean there isn't a scenario where one may exist that doesn't. As I write this daily searches on Google are 3.5 Billion and this is increasing all the time. Having a good position on a local High Street doesn't gaurantee success these days. People will often search at home online and drive out of there own Town further afield without even taking a walk down the local High Street. If you aren't on the Web in some way then you may just lose potential business. If you choose not to have a Website then at least create a Google Business listing to help get found and appear in the search results.
  • Why choose to work with us at Signpost Media?
    We aren't just another Web Designer Cambridgeshire. We take pride in our work and we don't promise anything that we can't deliver on. We specialise in helping small to medium size businesses be successful by offering solutions that are effective and very affordable. Just because two people told you your new Website should cost £3000 this doesn't make it true. We've created fantastic looking sites for as little as £300. And more importantly, they were created based on the needs of you, your business and your customers. You may have a £3000 to spend, but if you only need to spend £500 then we'll let you know.
  • Can I just make a Website myself?
    The short answer is yes you can. If you have a flare for design there are many opportunities to create a nice looking Website. But, all too often the people that choose to do this don't have enough knowledge to realise that a Website is not just built to look nice to the eye. Most Websites that are created by someone with limited knowledge and experience don't end up functioning as they should. They are like a great looking car on the outside, that has no engine or gearbox, so it's not a really a car. You're then just wasting time and money on something that doesn't work and may impact negatively on your business.
  • Can't I just use Facebook or another form of Social Media instead of having a Website?
    There are some business scenarios where using a Facebook page and having a Google Listing for people to find and locate you may suffice. But this is very unusual. Try and remember that Facebook is not a Website and does not provide the same user experience as a Website. Social Media Pages are classed as Touchpoints, where people will come into contact with your business and hopefully get a positive experience which then drives them directly to you or to your Website so they can learn more about your business. If you are selling a product then it can be difficult for someone to find out easily what products you have and if they are in stock by looking at a Facebook Page for example. If you also don't have a Google listing then you may not get found as easily. For us, Social Media is more about engagement with your customers than showcasing all your business has to offer.
  • What is Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing?
    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all about the work you do on and off site to make your site easier for Search Engines to Crawl and Index your site correctly. This work that you do helps with your sites Organic Listing on Search Engines. It will improve how high your page appears in the listings on Search Engines based around several factors such as content and keywords. Search Engine Marketing is paid for marketing such as Pay Per Click adwords campaigns. Paid for adverts on Google will show at the top of the page and on the right and at the bottom and will show the word "AD".
  • What is the difference between http and https when displaying my Website?
    When a Website is secured by an SSL Certificate, https will show in the URL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is basically standard security for keeping you safe when browsing sites and especially when entering information such as credit card details on sites. If you don't have it installed your site will diplay http in the URL and it will show an "!" which if you click on it will warn people your site is not secure.
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