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Empowering Small Business Owners - Online Guidance from Signpost Media

There are several key things I help my business owners with on a daily basis. Whether it's website design, helping with ecommerce decisions, writing copy for email marketing or ensuring their website is Google friendly, at Signpost Media the reward is the same - improving online results whilst empowering my clients with more knowledge.

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Online Business Marketing Advice

Many business owners do not realise - and you yourself may not realise just how much is available to you in terms of free online marketing for your business. From newsletters to blogs and more, there are many ways to drive organic traffic to your website. Of course, you can use paid advertising through Google or Social Media, and for some businesses (and seasons or special product launches) this can work very well. But for those of you with new businesses and not much cash flow, you should be looking to maximise all of the free options available to you first.

Search Engine Optimisation Advice

Why is it important to do your research? Because customers use different language to you. It may be that you offer artisan charcuterie catering. But that is not what your customer will search for when searching for their business meeting lunch - they are more likely to use language such as 'healthy buffet food delivery' or 'best events catering company', so you need to ensure that your website includes this language.

General Website Advice

There is a lot that goes on in the background of a website that help your website 'talk to' search engines, which in turn helps you to get more organic traffic (and more relevant traffic) to visit your website. This is why it's important to continue with blogs, check your analytics for bounce rates and ensure all images/products/web pages have SEO friendly titles and descriptions amongst other things.

Business Mentoring & Online Training

When it comes all of the above, you can decide whether or not to listen to the recommendations and whether or not you would like Signpost Media to help you with your online business.

If yo decide that you would prefer to navigate the online world alone, no problem! The good news is that we can train you via zoom call to enable you to carry out these essential online tasks yourself. But remember; after the training is complete, it's over to you to continue to put into practice what you have learned. There is no point learning these great skills and using them for a couple of months - consistency is key when it comes to online marketing!

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The main thing that my customers always know is that Signpost Media is more than just a Web Design and Digital Marketing Company. It's a design service, a mentoring service, a trouble shooting service - it's a family.

If you need help with improving your online business presence, get in touch with us today - email


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