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Apollo Software - Gym Membership Management Software gets a new look

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

For the last few weeks we've seen a shift in our main project list at Signpost Media, which has meant a heavy focus on website SEO and training. So it was a joyous occasion when we received a call from Apollo Software; a brand new gym software company who needed a new professional website designed from scratch.

The team at Apollo Software were looking for someone who could work in collaboration with their software developer, to create a website that linked seamlessly with the Apollo Software technology, accounts and applications, and to ensure the website design was completed within a specific timeframe and budget. But first, they needed their brand to be built from the ground up - and is is where the Signpost Media web design and graphic design team came into play!

Usually when we start a new website design project, we like to begin with the logo, brand colours and fonts. This really helps with the design if you are a client that has strict guidelines to adhere to - not so much if we're given free reign on the web design, although some colour and style guidelines are still a good idea!

So our fabulous Signpost Media Graphic Designer, Adam of Adam Jenkins Design was brought into the meetings to help. Adam is a creative Graphic designer who specialises in minimalist and stunning handcrafted logos and branding designs. Adam not only needed to get an idea of what Apollo Software was and how they wanted to be portrayed, but he also made the team really think about their background - why did the Directors decide to start Apollo Software, what was their story?

Once Adam had this information he began to build the brand from scratch. And when we say from scratch, we mean it - Adam hand draws every single design he creates! That's right - he starts every new logo design with his trusty pencil, so our clients know that they are getting a truly bespoke brand identity and that their logo will not be found anywhere else.

We absolutely adore working with Adam, a true creative who has never let us down in terms of his professionalism, design skills and his eye for detail - and his way with clients leaves them feeling reassured and excited to see their new brand designs - he never disappoints which makes our job so much easier!

Our goal is always to leave our clients with a website that is functional and that they can be proud of; and the branding and graphic design element of the process plays a huge part in that.

If you need help with your new business branding, get in touch to discuss how Signpost Media can help you to create your brand identity and help with designing your website.

Call us on 01733 590929 or email us:


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