Social Referral Online owes its humble beginnings to the Health & Fitness Industry, where Gym Member Referrals are so important to Health Clubs. Social Referral Online has revolutionised the way Health Clubs carry out referral marketing. Social Referral Online has been used by Health & Fitness Clubs across the world to successfully gain new members. But it hasn't stopped there, as Social Referral Online can be used by anyone that wishes to allow customers to share an offer with thousands of their customers friends using Social Media.

What makes Social Referral Online very different from other Referral Marketing Tools is that once it's been implemented, the customers do all the sharing for you. Just sit back and watch the new leads arriving.

Social Referral Online allows your newest member/customer to spread the word about your business to as many as thousands of their friends in two easy steps, harnessing the true power of the Internet and social marketing.

We've helped Gym and Health Clubs add as much as £6000 a month to their Direct Debit revenue using Social Referral Online. Contact us now to book an online demo.


"I have watched with interest over the years how Austen has grown The Social Referral Online system. Having dipped in for a look many times and having had many discussions with Austen I eventually decided to stop procrastinating and give it a whirl at one of our sites.


I wish I had acted sooner, in the first month we have had 119 referrals. That’s a set of figures I am very happy with.


A proactive team are key and we also centrally supported the team by getting out the message on as many mediums as possible.


We have now rolled out Social Referral Online to the other sites we look after and with a great product and great support from Austen I am confident this will become a major generator of both leads & sales across the portfolio."

Ian Hassett - Group Sales & Marketing Manager for The Health Club Collection, London