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New website for A-Legacy Consulting

Business and website logo for A-Legacy Consulting

Signpost Media are a Website Design Company in Peterborough. Our latest client Darren Clifton who has recently formed his Health and Fitness Consultancy Company called A-Legacy Consulting is based up North and despite not even meeting Darren face to face yet, we still managed to put together a new website for him.

Darren has been in the Fitness Industry for many years and helps gym owners with everything from sales, retention, staff recruitment and much more.

Signpost Media also have many years' experience in the Health and Fitness Industry due to Austen Moore who runs the business having been involved in Fitness since 1998. So, when we spoke to Darren about his new business it seemed like a great fit to have us build his new website. The website will develop over time as A-Legacy Consultancy continues to grow, with Darren planning to continually expand the business into more and more gyms and health clubs throughout the UK. Daren and A-Legacy Consulting have also agreed to help work with Signpost Media by promoting our own Health and Fitness Referral Marketing Tool called Social Referral Online.

Signpost Media would like to thank Darren for asking us to build his new website and we wish him all the success for his future. If you'd like to visit the new website, then just click on A-Legacy Consulting.

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