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It's something that has affected many Businesses across Cambridgeshire, and it's not something that we enjoy talking about. However, for a local Business owner, the recent lockdown has forced her to re-evaluate where she'll be getting her income from in the future.

When Madelaine approached Signpost Media about building her Madelaine Page Yoga website, it was after 4 months of gyms being closed.

As a Fitness Coach, Maddy gained most of her Yoga clients through networking and teaching classes at her local gyms. Although the lockdown meant that Maddy could no longer teach her Yoga classes in gyms, it allowed her time to focus on her own development....


It's been a tough year for gyms (open, closed, open, closed!), and although gyms are now open again, more and more people are turning to online fitness classes. This is partly due to the practicalities of not havig anywhere to train (especially if you have a tiny home, or it's too cold and wet to train outdoors), but also partly due to the fact that this year's pandemic activity has seen anxiety and mental health issues increasing in the population. For Maddie, wellbeing has always been of huge importance, but even more so now that she is practising and teaching more Yoga, she is realising not only the growth in attendance of Yoga classes, but the benefits people are receiving from them.

If you would like to learn more about how to arrend one of Maddie's Yoga sessions you can get in touch here.


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