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Far-awayART get a new Website Design by Signpost Media

Updated: Mar 21

Far-awayART are a local Peterborough Printing Company based in Whittlesey, owned and operated by Annette Coles who has over 30 years experience in Printing.

Far-awayART relocated their office to Whittlesey last year and I met Annette as a customer when I went in to have some business cards designed and printed. We ended up discussing the current Website they had, and the fact that it was not optimised for Mobile, along with some aspects of the look and design that Annette wanted to change.

Several months later we received a call from Annette who said she would like Signpost Media to design a new Website. We discussed a design brief and got to work. Within a couple of weeks, which involved lots of images being sent back and forth between us, plus many edits to text, we finally completed the Website. We made sure it encompassed the design and look that Annette was very clear she wanted, but also made compromises on certain aspects so that the site could perform effectively.

The previous site had not had an SSL enabled, which was negative for Google rankings and displays an insecure warning to customers and users. As Google ranks site on Mobile First it was also important to make sure it was mobile optimised. We also added a New/Blog page so that they can create fresh new content easily.

As you all know, a Website is never finished, so we will be helping to support Annette and Far-awayART with future amendments and updates. We look forward to continuing working with Far-awayART and Annette.

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