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Design is what we do

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

When it comes to design, there are so many different types out there, but each one takes a certain type of person to get it right. Some people design clothes and shoes, some design cars, others design buildings and bridges. At Signpost Media in Whittlesey Cambridgeshire, our design focus is on all things Digital, with our main area of expertise being Web Design.

What we all have in common as designers is a creative way of thinking, but also the ability to truly listen to the client so we can get the brief right. We have an imagination which knows no bounds, allowing us to think outside of the box, and a touch of perfectionism (or a lot when it comes to myself and our graphic designer Adam Jenkins!) The most important thing is that we absolutely love doing it!

It's been a very busy fortnight as we've had many projects on the go at once - 3 new Website Design clients, Digital Marketing clients, Social Media Campaigns, Business Consulting with a current client who have been so successful they are expanding their business AGAIN.

On top of all this, Signpost Media have been consulting on a new software program brand that's coming over from Dubai later this year, which we will be helping to launch.

Phew that sounds like a lot now it's all written down! But working on Digital Media projects from our beautiful home is always a blessing, and also a natural stress reliever.


This last couple of weeks has seen Signpost Media designing 3 new websites. All of the websites were for Businesses from different sectors and with differing digital needs. It's been a real honour to work with these clients and to create designs that they have absolutely loved, whilst also meaning it will help their Business to really grow and develop.

Website designed by Signpost Media

The School of Philosophy Cambridge

Michael had a desperate need for a new website - the old website for the school was built circa 1995 and apart from the fact that it was falling apart at the seams, it no longer had the correct functionality for the modern students of today, who use the site on a regular basis.

The website needed to be built on a user friendly platform so that the team at the School of Philosophy Cambridge could update it themselves.

At Signpost Media, we also offer training for those of our Web Design customers that require it - Michael was one of these and he is looking forward to the empowerment that comes from maintaining your own website - but he knows that the team at Signpost Media will always be on hand for any future support.

You can view the website we designed for the School of Philosophy Cambridge here.

Website designed by Signpost Media

Capsule Boutique, St. Neots

Carole also needed Signpost Media to build a website from scratch, however she needed an online shop so we gave her an e-commerce option. Carol's high street Boutique store does very well, but during the recent Covid-19 lock down she realised that she was missing out on a vital part of the market and therefore missing the potential for additional sales and growth of her Business.

Carole wanted a fresh modern look for her website, but also needed help with setting up Social Media accounts and SEO training. Signpost Media were of course happy to oblige in both of these areas!

It's been a pleasure to see Carole's passion for fashion and to see her so eager to please her customers. This is an exciting new chapter for her as she can now sell stock online - you can visit her store here:

Website designed by Signpost Media


Luckily for the team at Feedability, the effects of Covid-19 were minimal due to their store being considered as selling essential items - namely animal food! However, on the quieter days Jo realised that there was scope for improvement within her Business, and so she contacted Signpost Media for advice.

Now, we are adding the finishing touches to her new website whilst Jo gets to grips with her new online world! Although Jo chose not to have a full e-commerce site initially, customers can browse products online to see what is in stock and reserve items ready to pick up later on. This means that there will always be work for the team to do in the quiet moments!

Signpost Media and Feedability have a few things in common, the main thing being that they are both family run Businesses focused on their customers, which is why it's been an absolute privilege working with Jo and Beth, another team who strive to provide the best Customer service experience possible - plus they love a good coffee like us too!

You can check out their website here:


If you are a small to medium sized Business thinking about getting your products or services online, why not contact Signpost Media - maybe your website just needs an update, or you need help with your Social media. Either way, we have a variety of Website Design and development packages to choose from, and we will support you throughout your digital journey.


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