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What does SEO or Search Engine Optimization mean in simple terms?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

This blog by Signpost Media is for those of you that want an uncomplicated, easy explanation of what SEO is.

The best way to do this is with some simple questions and answers. So, let's get going with the first question.

1. What does SEO stand for?

SEO is basically short for Search Engine Optimization.

2. So what is Search Engine Optimization

Let me give you a few examples. It's the process that has been carried out by someone, such as a Web Developer, that affects the online visibility of a Website or Web Pages within the search engines. So, each time you go to Google or Bing and type a search for something, the SEO that's been carried out has an effect on what you find and see in front of you. It also affects how high it appears on the Google Search.

Search Engine Optimisation is like going into a library and asking for a book about "World War 2". The librarian may then guide you to the History Section of the library and then alphabetically under W. If you didn't do any SEO, it would be like visiting a library and finding all the books just randomly on the shelves in no order.

3. Do you need to know about SEO?

If you are a general user of the internet, then it may help to know the difference between Paid Advertising and Organic Searches. Paid Advertising can appear at the top of Google and will often have Ad next to it so you can see it's an advert. SEO has no effect on these Ads, this space it paid. Below the Ads you will see what they call the Organic Searches which are affected by the SEO work that has been done. These organic searches can often be more relevant to you and contain more content related to your search.

4. I have business and a website, does SEO affect this?

Yes, it does. If you are looking to get your business found on Google, then SEO is important. It's also good to understand what it entails. We have a client in Cambridgeshire that showed us an invoice they had been paying for 5 years at £500 a year that was for SEO work. When we looked into it, we discovered there was no work being carried out during this period. Because they didn't understand what Search Engine Optimization was, they just agreed to pay what appeared to be a small invoice each year for what seemed like an important service.

5. What are some examples of Search Engine Optimization?

When creating a Website, you may develop an SEO strategy where you select several keywords that explain your business and these are then included in the content on the pages of the website and within the page descriptions and page titles. You may also write Blogs or News updates on the Website which includes these keywords along with information and knowledge about the subject you wish people to learn about. This could be a product or service. This Blog you are reading is an example of SEO itself. Other people may also write about your business and services and link to your website.


I hope this Blog has been helpful and we have explained what SEO is in a simple and easy to understand way. There is clearly far more to learn about the subject, but this Blog was designed by us at Signpost Media to help those of you that have either no understanding or very limited knowledge of what SEO and Search Engine Optimization is. If you need any further help, then please don't hesitate to visit our contact page and get in touch.

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