Lets talk Twitter. What makes a good Tweet?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

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People love images, so one thing that helps with engagement is an image. Not a grainy one while zoomed in and wobbling the phone but a nice quality image.

Tweet Length

Yes you are able to use 280 characters in your Tweet, but can you say the same thing just as well in 70? If you can, then do it.


Very much like images, videos are powerful and attract lots of engagement. Adding subtitles can help some people don't have sound enabled and aren't wearing headphones.

Hashtags #

You should really only add a hashtag if you are linking your Tweet to a wider conversation across the network. Hashtags are like you’re having a conversation and a third person walks up who hasn't heard the rest of it. The hashtag is like you turning to them and say, “Hi, we’re just talking about _______”. Hashtags become clickable links once they have been Tweeted. 2-3 Hashtags is usually the max.


Thats what it's there for. Follow others, start conversations and enter discussions related to your wider Business Audience.

These are just a few short tips to help you when you venture out on to Twitter with a business profile. There is much more information out there than this so do some research of your own and use Twitters help section which is the best place to learn about using Twitter effectively.

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