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The Secret to a Great Website

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Web design is just the first step!

So, you've spent hours endlessly trawling Google for affordable web design companies in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. You've found a company you like who have designed and built a great looking website for your business; but a few months down the line you realise that you are not really getting the amount of website visits that you had been expecting. This is because, although you may be charged hefty hosting fees by your Web Design Company, this cost does not cover the real work behind your website development which doesn't stop at simply designing - you need to continuously update your Website using various strategies, to ensure you continue to rank higher than your competitors on those all important Google searches.


Do you really have the time?

For many Business owners, time is the enemy. We are constantly trying to run our

businesses as efficiently as possible, whilst also trying to find time to recruit new staff, train and appraise, do regular stock takes, hold meetings with suppliers, etc.etc. All of this and we haven't even considered whether our website has been updated, is working correctly to direct quality customers to our business, or write convincing blogs and other advertising material to highlight our fantastic products and services. Every business needs to ensure they are reaching the largest possible audience at all times, who are also specifically targeted because they are the right demographic for the services they offer. Time management is key for many of our clients, but there is only so much they can do - this is where Signpost Media can help.


Social Media Management? Signpost Media can help!

For our clients, time is a commodity they just don't have a lot of. This is why

we offer a monthly service to not only build a bespoke, professional and affordable website design or web redesign, we also to take care of all your Business Social Media Campaigns. Not only does our Web Design Service include writing and editing all online material such as blogs, we will advise what Social Media platform(s) might be best for your business, and help to optimise your website so that Google will find your business in more searches, and gain you more 'organic' hits. This will improve your reputation and ultimately bring more customers to your (online) doorstep!


Lead generation at your fingertips!

Signpost Media also have a successful software application, which enables your customers to work for you - and to get you even more customers! Social Referral Online, or SRO, is a key part of some of our client's sales process, and is saving them hours in time and money by finding quality new leads, and keeping the sales team happy.

Why not speak to Signpost Media today to see how we can help you - share the work and share our time!

If you would like more information on any of the above, please visit our page, or you can contact us.

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