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A picture paints a thousand words

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Here at Signpost Media, we are all in agreement that images speak volumes, and we advise all of our clients to ensure that their business photos across all their media cover three basic rules:

1) They are up to date,

2) They pique your target audience's interest

3) They are of a high quality and resolution.


Whatever your business, whether it be in retail, F&B, insurance services or fitness; it is essential that you showcase your business in the best light - especially when it comes to your products. Customers are becoming more savvy, and of course online shopping is at an all time high. They want to see what they are paying for before they hit "buy", and feel secure in the knowledge that when it arrives it is going to look just as fabulous as it does in the image. Or, when they turn up to your restaurant with their friends or business clients they are trying to impress, the food tastes just as amazing as it looked on the website! This is why Signpost Media decided to start working with companies to improve their business photography in Cambridgeshire.


We are very lucky to have the lovely Verity working with us as our commercial photographer in Peterborough. A keen eye for details that most don't notice, and a creative flair that matches her personality, Verity is not only fun for our clients to work with, but will also make sure that your business photography is up to scratch and of a high quality resolution - which will make all the difference when people are viewing products on your website!


Verity's work has helped to transform some of our clients products and services, saving them from the embarrassment of having customers believe they may be delivering a less than pristine product, and also helping to drive more traffic to their website by using the same images as part of their social media campaigns through Signpost Media.

Why not see if we can help your business shine? Contact us now to arrange a free business photography consultation. Signpost Media offer our commercial photography service across Peterborough and surrounding areas including Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

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