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Social Media & Gym Membership Sales

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Is Social Media gaining your Health Club new Members?

If you have a member of staff in your business, that genuinely has the skills and knowledge to use Social Media effectively. And you're providing them with the right amount of time and an adequate budget to carry out the required work involved, and necessary costs needed to meet the targets. Then the answer will be "Yes" to the above title question.

The problem we come across in the most part, is that people are not ticking all of the above and to be successful you need to tick all of the above points and not just a couple. We also come across many businesses that believe either they or the person they have tasked with looking after Social Media, has the skills and knowledge, when they don't. Choosing a member of your staff that has every Social Media account under the Sun and loves posting a selfie on Instagram every 4 seconds does not make them skilful and knowledgeable. The same way that being a dedicated Football Fan doesn't make you the next Ronaldo.

That’s why Signpost Media developed Social Referral Online. Not only do you no longer require a skilled, knowledgeable member of staff to run it. You also no longer need to spend hours of time or huge budgets to achieve fantastic results.

We have Health Clubs adding £3000 pounds a month to their Direct Debit line using Social Referral Online and taking away all the headache of time, money and energy.

Why not give us a call or an email and Book an online demo.

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